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Bio: Product parameters
Displacement (cc) : 49.6
Rated power (kw/r/min) : 2.0/8500
Hybrid fuel ratio: 25:1
Tank capacity (L) : 0.52
Weight N.W/GW (kg) : 5.0/8.4
Packing size: 510*300*300
Product description
Chain saw, short for "gasoline chain saw" or "gasoline power saw."Power saw for logging and timber making.Its sawing mechanism is saw chain.The power section is divided into gasoline engines.Easy to carry and easy to operate.But maintenance and repair are more complicated.
Chain saw parts;1 choke 2 throttle 3 throttle insurance
4 idle screw 5 brake 6 exhaust silencer
7guide chain 8 air filter cover 9 switch
10 fuel tank cover 11 starting handle
12machine oil lubricator 13 tight chain tensioning screws 14 side chain tensioning screws
Product photos
Product features
Mainly designed with streamlined fuselage, flat rear handle, comfortable and humanized.
State-of-the-art technology, low noise and smooth operation.
A self-locking switch with good security, with a front and back handle, provides a firmer grip.
1 optimization engine: power than traditional power increase 15%
2, power output of the clutch
3 shapes is given priority to streamlined fuselage design, more beautiful, embedded flat handle after sex, grasp the comfortable humanized
4 gear high hardness, low noise, smooth operation,
5 gas-olinge suspension system use spring damping rubber suspension with high intensity, simple assembly chain wholesale Chainsaw