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Bio: Log debarker
This machine adopts rotary cutting principle of non-chuck rotary lathe, hydraulic pressure drive into the constructions, can quickly and effectively remove bark and complete log the round work. One debarker machine can supply with two rotary lathe, save about five or six people.
Our machine is widely used in sawmill for next processing step; veneer&plywood industry, after the bark peeling could protect peeling knife in veneer peeling step, improve veneer grade, and many other advantages.
Working log length1400mm2000mm2600mm
Workinglog diameter130 -500 mm130 -500 mm130-500 mm
Cutting speed45m/min45m/min45m/min
Overall dimensions4000*2270*1350mm4550*2270*1350mm5250*2270*1350mm
We can supply the perfect after sale service to our customer, such as installation, maintenance for the machines.
Our machines have passed ISO9001 and CE certification.
Baishengyuan Group, as one of the largest plywood manufacturer in China, now brings you the best quality and good after-service. If you're interested in it, welcome to contact us.China wood debarker